Sunday, March 15, 2009

Does It Really Have To End?

Why do all good things have to come to an end?

The kids and I just spent the weekend at my parents. It was absolutely WONDERFUL! I was completely spoiled....not only by my parents....but I was able to sit back and watch HGTV, Food Network, TLC, and CMT to my heart's content. (We don't have the "big" cable package.....they have DISH.) Dad kept the boys busy and out of the house. Mom watched the baby and I actually got some sleep!
Don't want the weekend to come to an end and have reality set in.
The boys had a great time and spent most of the weekend out and about with their Brupa! Two weeks ago when we were there, this is what it looked like.

They went to "The Station" to have a coffee/Bug Juice, helped feed the cows hay, and made their way to the barn several times a day to give a little calf its bottle.Yesterday they went to a sale and this is what they came home with.

Today the kids and I went on a Gator ride before we left. The kids love those Gator rides! Here we are trying to get our act together.

Right before we left on our journey, E ditched us to do chores with Brupa.

Here is my chauffeur.

He takes his driving responsibility very seriously.

I tried to take a picture of "The Law" and me but it didn't quite work out. I think we must have hit a rut or something. It didn't quite come out like I have envisioned.

We stopped to see some of the sights as we were zooming around.

You'd never be able to tell it by looking at the pictures, but Spring is just around the corner. It really is! And we can't wait! (Notice the barbed wire running directly through the center of my picture.)

Brupa wants each one of the grand kids to have a horse. The kids are so intrigued by the horses and can't wait for the day when they will be able to ride around with Brupa.

Thanks for stopping by and sharing our weekend!

Thanks Mom and Dad for such a great wkend! Can't wait for summer!



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  1. Steph - reminds of visiting my grandparents farm. Grandad was a "horse trader." There were always horses to ride. We even brought one or two home for visits with us. tk