Sunday, March 8, 2009

Going for the Huskers!

Tis the season for Lent. We have given up many things in our house. I have given up chocolate and pop. Roman has given up sweets and pop. Reicher has given up the computer. E tried to give up yelling. Emphasis on the word tried. I believe that commitment lasted a whole 5 minutes. More on our sacrifices for Lent in a minute. Ro is a huge Baylor fan. HUGE ! Nothing is more frustrating to him than living in an area of the country that worships the Scarlet and Cream. His Baylor Bears just can't get the justice they deserves....not only from his friends, but from the media and even on the playing field, court, baseball diamond...what have you. He was really upset that the Baylor basketball team lost yesterday....and to add salt to his wound......they lost to NEBRASKA!
Today at lunch Ro said, "I think I'll give up something REALLY BIG next year for Lent." I, of course, have been trying for years to get our family to give up TV for Lent. (I think you can probably guess how successful that plight has been.) So I said, rather ecstatically, "Let's give up TV!"
Ro's response was (keeping in mind he has a rather distinctive Texas accent, which he thinks he has gotten rid of in the 10 years he's been living in Nebraska ), "Naw, I'm giving up following the Bears!"

Then there's this guy!

E looked at Ro after he said he was giving up the Bears, and without skipping a beat, E said, "Does that mean that you're going to be for the Huskers?!" Of course we all started laughing hysterically because we know THAT will never happen....and if you know Ro......if you were to cut him open....he would bleed Green and Gold!


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