Monday, March 23, 2009

A Day Full of Blessings

Yesterday was Q-T's baptism. All of her biggest supporters were there to help her celebrate....Oma and Brupa, Grandma 'Tinez, Uncle Benny and Aunt Aub, her Godparents Darren and Sherri....of course Ro and myself and a bunch of very curious and slightly restless kiddos. Q-T made it through the entire baptism without a squeak! In fact she smiled and cooed through the entire thing.
Nice shot of the back of Dew's head. He always has to be where the action is.

We had a small photo session afterwards.

The "star" of the day.....Q-T herself.

My arm is draped across her in almost every picture. Should have been a little more aware of what I was doing. I love that christening gown. A wonderful lady, by the name of Zip, from our old church offered to make it. Three of our four kiddos have worn it......for some reason.....we weren't that on the ball with "The Law". She was 18 months before we got around to having her baptized.

Here are her Godparents. They are two of the most wonderful people I know.....treat our kids like theirs. They also have 4 kiddos and can easily understand our crazy fact....if you threw the 8 kids together, your first thought may be, "Are they all siblings?"

Here we are with Grandma 'Tinez. She has been taking care of Q-T since the first of Febuary and will be leaving us in the 29th of this month. She and Q-T have developed quite the bond. She has been spoiling all of us with her mouth-watering cooking...especially those homemade tortillas.... and helping us get things done around the house.

We keep begging her not to leave we aren't sure what we are going to do without her. I do think she is ready to go home to Grandpa and warmer weather. Thank you Grandma for all you have done for us!

Here we are with Oma and Brupa.

We are so lucky to have them...and spoil us as well. They let us come and take over the farm when we want to escape the big city. With 6 of us, we pretty much, "take over" where ever we go. I think Oma worked the hardest to make Q-T's day special. Thank you Oma for making her day so wonderful!

The only people we left out were Uncle Benny and Aunt Aub....sorry guys! Just know we love you, too!!!!!!

Thank you to all of you for making Q-T's day so wonderful!



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