Tuesday, March 24, 2009

This Is What We Did Today

This is where Dew and I went this morning. (I'll spare you the nickname, but if you think long enough.....you might get it.)

Dew and his fellow Cub Scouts had the day off from school so one of the moms, one that is far more organized than me and has all the right connections, put together a very educational field trip to the state capital for the boys......the nickname was not part of the field trip.

These doors are absolutely beautiful. (It is extremely dark inside the capital.....almost
dungeon-like.... so my pictures aren't the best.) Anyway, these doors give tribute the Native American history in Nebraska. They are carved out of Mahogany from Honduras and together they weigh 750 lbs...the handles alone weigh 11.5 lbs.

See my little Cub Scout...notice his smile...the kid wouldn't show his teeth to save his life.

We had a wonderful tour guide, Gloria. The mom who organized this whole thing told Gloria that it was for a group of first graders, and I guess based on previous field trips this crew has taken, suggested that she may want to shorten the tour. Gloria's response was, "No I won't...they'll be fine." She was right! She kept the attention of 10 first graders for over an hour. They were thoroughly engaged and hung on her every word....not one peep!

And the minute she was done with our tour, Gloria went right back and did the whole thing again for another group! Not sure she even had time to take a restroom break!

Here she had them lay on the floor and look up at the dome. They just dropped and made themselves comfortable.

And here she is telling the Scouts how long it took and how much it cost to build the capital. (It took 10 years and 10 million dollars. Just a little trivia for you.) Notice how straight and how still they are standing.....and it is not because the moment is forever preserved in a picture. She said line up and they did!!!! No arguing, no nothing!!!! They just fell into this perfect line.

Each Scout represented one million dollars and one of ten years it took to build the capital.

Notice their hands are being kept to themselves.

My guy is on the end at the right. He represented the 10th year and 10 million dollars.

One day....maybe one day....he'll be a politician. Here he is trying it out. Lord knows the kid loves to argue, and boy, he can sure dance around a subject.....especially when he thinks he may be getting into trouble. In that case, he is very proficient in placing the blame on something or someone else...mainly Chi-Chi!

One of our last stops was meeting the Governor. He was very patient with the kids and their million questions. Most of the questions, strangely enough, dealt with why the furniture in the room was positioned where it was. He said he loved the questions (or maybe he's a really good politician) and they were quite observant....as he has had groups of middle and high schoolers and they don't ask any questions at all. I bet after today's questions, he'll welcome the silence next time.

Look at Dew! Again with the smile.....notice no teeth! I think the Governor is smiling because his time answering questions about furniture placement is almost over. I will say this.....originally he was only scheduled to give us 10 minutes and he ended up spending about 30 minutes with us.....it was all those furniture questions.

The Unicameral is currently in session and the boys got to go on the "floor" of the legislature while the Senators were presenting bills. Guests are announced and the boys got a standing "O" from the Senators when their troop was introduced.

Needless to say we had a wonderful morning...and very educational. The boys really enjoyed themselves! Thank you Virginia for putting this together for us! She takes her job as a den mother very seriously!


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