Thursday, April 30, 2009

Baby Fertilizer

Last night before we ate I told the boys to go wash their hands as they had been playing outside and were on the verge of what one would consider filthy. I emphasized the WASH WITH SOAP because they like to forget that step. Well, Chi-Chi dutifully fulfilled his obligation. Dew, who is every essence of the word defiant, decided to take a short-cut and went straight for the hand sanitizer instead of the sink. Chi-Chi immediately "told" on Dew because he had obediently followed directions and his brother did not, so someone needed to know about it. This is what he said, "MMMMOOOOOMMMM, Dew didn't wash his hands with soap! He used the baby fertilizer!" Chi-Chi was not happy!

I, of course, stopped dead in my tracks....then I realized he meant to say hand sanitizer. For someone who has spent 5 out of the last 8 years of marriage pregnant, baby fertilizer are two words I don't want or need to hear! So I responded, "Chi-Chi, did you mean to say hand sanitizer? Because we don't need any more of that baby fertilizer around here!"

It of course went over his head......

Breathing a sigh of relief-

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