Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Q-T's Playmate

Every Wednesday my friend, Kim, and I try to get together. We have been friends for YEARS, and have had bad habit of letting too much time go in between our get togethers, so we decided to have a standing date from now until one of us up and dies.

Kim has 3 opposed to my "millions of kids" as she so tenderly put it one day. Among her three kiddos is this little cutie pie....LuLu. (All of her kids are cute by the way.....there's just something about being a baby that makes one "extra cute".)

She was all over Q-T. Q-T was a captive audience and had no where to go. (Sorry Uncle Rob.....I know you hate exersaucers......but in our house, it is the one place I can put her and know that no one will sit on her, use her as a pillow, or as a baby dolly.

They had so much fun and just looked at each other and laugh and laugh and laugh!!!! LuLu tried to teach Q-T the ins and outs of the exersaucer. Luckily, Q-T hasn't used any of her new found tricks. I think she knows that is the safest place for her as well!

They couldn't be more opposite....LuLu blonde eyes. Q-T brown hair...brown eyes. But they are already the best of friends.

I think we'll be getting this same look in a few years....."What party? What are you talking about?"
Although I, personally, would never know anything about parties or anything like that. Even my own mother would say I was always on the straight and narrow.........I think. Wouldn't you Mom?

Getting back on the straight and narrow path-

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