Saturday, April 25, 2009

Easter in the Country

A couple of weeks ago my family went to Oma and Brupa's for Easter. It was a nice day away....and Oma has a way of making everything.........perfect. There was yummy food as far as the eye could see........and of course I ate more than my fair share.......and of course I shouldn't have. Just walk away! Ignore the temptation! Have I mentioned that I have absolutely no self discipline?!
There was a main course before the main course. (Notice the look on Ro's face. He absolutely hates having his picture taken. Hates it with a passion!)

No one could keep their hands out of the food. Although, I don't think anyone tried very hard.

Oma's house looks like it slipped off the pages of Martha Stewart's magazine.

The kids even have their own little table.....set with love and little sweet treats.
Everything in its place. Everything matches. Well, at least until we arrive on the scene. Such a far cry from my house. Notice I am not posting any pictures of my house for comparison. I don't think I could tell you the last time it was "Martha Stewartized".
Nope. Not my house. Still Oma's.
Brupa always finds time for his granddaughters. Look at him breathing in Q-T. He adores all of his grand kids.....but there's something extra special about the Macster, Law and Q-T.
Chi- Chi was just itching to go outside from the moment we arrived. He could be outside 24/7....and it doesn't matter what the weather is like. Just as long as he is outside.

Oma put the Easter Bunny to shame. The boys' birthdays fell right before and after Easter so we had a small celebration while we were there. One of the biggest hits were these little note pads and a pen that has Brupa's name on it. It quickly became one of Chi-Chi's most treasured possessions......he goes crazy over anything that has to do with Brupa.

The other hit was these balloon rockets. They played with those things all afternoon! After each "launch" they would race into the house and give us all a play by play of where and how far the balloon went. (One balloon went a whole 15 cm according to Chi-Chi. It actually went further.....he just has no concept of measurement.) And no play by play would be complete without sound effects. What is it with boys having to reenact absolutely EVERYTHING????? Anyone have the answer to that??? Please fill me in if you do.

Our day ended with singing Happy Birthday to the boys and of course more food. We all had a wonderful time. Especially the boys.
I think if they could, they would move in Oma and Brupa in a heartbeat. Oma and Dew would spend their days creating recipes and making cooking shows, and Chi-Chi would spend his days in his Carharts working side by side with his Brupa and cruising the country side in the pickup.
All my love-

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