Monday, April 27, 2009

What are these things?

We had the most beautiful day the last Thursday. After a day at school, we pulled in the driveway, unloaded ourselves from the car and spent the evening outside. Only coming in to eat supper about 7:00. That's the beauty of having a husband who does the can sit back, relax, and have absolutely no worries. (He also does the grocery shopping. Not because he enjoys it.....but because I spend too much money when I do the shopping, or so I have been told. Hey, I don't mind. It's one less thing I have to do. But that's a whole other blog.)

As we were basking in the sunshine, clear blue sky, and perfect temperature, I looked up and noticed that the leaves had popped out overnight. We have two beautiful trees that completely shade our front yard. Last summer, there were several branches that swooped down and touched the ground. However, my two rough-housers would swing on them like they were Tarzan, so we trimmed up the swooping branches....much to my dismay. We are already the noisiest people on the block....(with 4 kids that honor automatically goes to you whether you want it or not) and the last thing our neighbors need to hear is the Tarzan yell and see Chi-Chi swinging from branch to branch in his underwear. After such a long, cold, and merciless winter, this was a sight for sore eyes!

These little purple guys were blooming in full force.
The kids had a blast!!!! We put off homework and enjoyed family time.....come to think of it....the boys weren't yelling at each name calling.....just good, old fashioned fun.

Dew shot some hoops.

Chi-Chi ran around with his shirt off showing the neighborhood his muscles. Doesn't he look like that cat that just swallowed the canary?

The Law buckled and unbuckled her baby dollies in the buggy. She did this at least a million times....and enjoyed every minute of it. I know. Cheap entertainment.

Dew zipped around on his scooter. Boy, the kid can fly on that thing! (I tried experimenting with some text on the pictures. As you can tell, my experiment failed as you are unable to read just pretend as though you don't even see it.)

Lovin' Spring!

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