Thursday, April 16, 2009


While Dew had started his birthday countdown months fact, he started it right after Christmas, Chi-Chi has been waiting to turn 5 for years! And today, his dream finally came true. Chi-Chi turned 5!

Look at that face. It gets me every time. Can't you see the kindness just oozing from his eyes? This kid has the biggest heart I know. He is always putting the well being of others before his own. Chi-Chi would give you the shirt off his back if you needed it and he make friends where ever he goes. (We had Kool-aid last night with our supper...if you look carefully you can see traces of a red mustache around the corners of his mouth.)

It has been so hard for him to stand on the side-lines and watch his older brother go off to Kindergarten, then 1st grade, and be involved in activities that he has been too young for. His day is finally coming. Chi-Chi will officially start Kindergarten in August and he can hardly wait.

Today Chi-Chi, "The Law" and I went to the opening day of our children's zoo to do something special for his big day. We called some friends and they met us there which made it even more special.

Posing with the Bald Eagle at the zoo entrance. Trying to look as tough as a 5 year old can.

The train the biggest attraction at the zoo for my kids. They are such train freaks! I think we have purchased enough tickets over the years to have our very own train. We made sure we went for a train ride...."The Law" loved screaming in the tunnel It's a zoo tradition to scream at the top of your lungs as you zip through the tunnel...but because he is a "tough guy", Chi- Chi never screams...never...not even a peep. We finally made it inside the zoo.
He was so excited to see the reindeer. They are the first exhibit you come to in the zoo.....and let me tell you...while they are beautiful animals, these guys STINK! UGH!

Chi-Chi's most favorite part of the zoo is this area. I call it "Billy Goats Gruff". This is where the goats live. Last year, the zoo built these little bridges so the goats can get from one pen to another without mauling the pedestrians. TRIP! TRAP! TRIP! TRAP!

Then there were these cute little guys. Their feed dish is almost bigger than they are.
Take a look at this. Aren't these three of the cutest eagles you have ever seen? Just in case you can't tell...they are standing in an eagle's nest.
I am thinking that this would make an excellent new mascot for the Baylor Bears. What do you think? Just don't tell Ro what I am thinking. I know he wouldn't care for the relaxed nature of this bear to represent "his team".

After our trip to the zoo, we went home for a special birthday supper. Chi-Chi chose the menu which consisted of salad, pizza, and root-beer. Here he is serenading us as we ate. His song of choice......"We Will Rock You" by Queen. (Yes, my kids know several Queen songs by heart. Chi-Chi's all time fave is "Fat-Bottom Girls".)

He really gets into his singing.

This is our everyday Chi-Chi.

He is constantly in motion and some sort of sound effect can always be heard as he flies around the house, around the yard, or down the sidewalk. This kid is just plain noisy.....and for that I am thankful. I am thankful that he his healthy and can be so active, all of which we take for granted 99% of the time. He tries to be tough, but deep inside he's a softie. He loves to be outside and "work" especially with his Brupa. I love that he tells me 3 things he's grateful for every night and his family is always one of them. I love his laughter and his mischievous ways. He's just plain lovable!

Chi-Chi, I love you with all of my heart and thank God that he chose me to be your mom! I hope you had a wonderful birthday and hope you have the best year a 5 year old could ever have!

Love you buddy!


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