Saturday, April 18, 2009

Uncle Benny, You so CRAAAZY!

Uncle Benny is just about the greatest guy to walk the Earth. (He, too, just oozes kindness. Must be where Chi-Chi gets it.)
At least in Chi-Chi's eyes. And whenever Uncle Benny is around, Chi-Chi just can't get enough of him. Notice poor Uncle Benny had a broken arm at the time this picture was taken.......he had an unfortunate incident with a 4-wheeler.

While that picture was taken months ago......these were taken just this week. Uncle Benny is still a boy at heart. Look at his 6'5" frame on this little machine.
He and his family are moving out to the country in a few, short weeks. (Please don't go....We don't want you to move away....We will miss you guys tremendously!) They found this little 4-wheeler for their kiddos and soon they will have all the wide open space they could dream of to zip around on this thing.
But for the time being.....this is his toy. There are tons of things wrong with this whole scenario.....first of all....he is just outright too big.....and helmet. I kept waiting for something to go wrong.... ....especially when he did this....
Uncle Benny, you so CRAAAZY!

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