Friday, June 12, 2009

Go, Chi-Chi! Go!

This guy accomplished something this week that he has been waiting ever so patiently for over a year to do.

We took his training wheels off and he just took off! I wish you all could have seen the smile on his face. It literally stretched from ear to ear. He was just bursting at the seams! Unfortunately, and unbelievably, I didn't have my camera with me. Truth be told it was kind of hard to help him balance, run behind him, and hold Q-T all at the same time!!!!! I think adding a camera into the mix would have been a little too much......

Dew has been cruising around on two wheels for the last year. Chi-Chi tried so desperately to do the same last year, but his balance just wasn't there. Let me tell you it broke Chi-Chi's little heart when those training wheels went back on his bike. He's so tired of being the "little brother" even though he is almost just as big a Dew.

Anyway, here he is........zippin' up and down the sidewalk.

Look at the focus. The concentration. The drive. All the while, I am jumping up and down shouting, "Go Chi-Chi! Go! You are doing it!" (I think my excitement got the better of me as some of the neighbors came out to see what was going on. Ooops!)

This is what he usually looks like when he is riding his bike. Bike is heading in one direction and Chi-Chi's head looking in the other direction. Drives me crazy!!!! Because he is usually in front of me on the trail looking every which way but directly in front of him and constantly stops without warning. "Mom, did you see that cardinal?" or "Mom, did you see that critter?" or he just stops to talk.

Every now and then, he would stop and flip his bike over, and turn the pedals with his hands just to watch the wheels turn. It must be a boy thing, because I remember my brother doing the same thing when he was little. Do you remember doing that Uncle Benny?

Here's another shot where he is looking DOWN instead of in front of him. YIKES! Look straight ahead, Chi-Chi! Look straight ahead! You're giving your mom a heart attack!

He eventually gets everything in sync.

He had gotten so good and so fast, that after a while it was hard for me to get him in the frame.

And there he goes!

Chi-Chi, I am so proud of you! You hard work and determination paid off.

Zoom! Zoom!

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