Wednesday, June 10, 2009


I have resisted having anything to do with Facebook for the longest time. Well, this week I caved....and I must say I am absolutely LOVIN' it. I have connected with people I haven't seen or spoke with in years! Guess that is the whole point of Facebook, isn't it?!

I am now "friends" with Helen, a friend from junior high. I used to sit next to her in Mr. Novak's Civics class. Helen, I must say you haven't changed a bit.

I am also now "friends" with Amie. She is the reason my husband and I met. Amie, you look great, too. Actually better than great! You may have to hook me up with some I can be a hottie, too.

There's T who has always looked fabulous and still does. I'm guessing T's last time in Nebraska was when she came to be in our wedding. The weather was horrible that wkend...tornadoes, sirens, taking cover!

And there's Marnie. We had several classes together at UNL and she lived in the apartment building next to mine. We were pretty good friends in college. I moved to TX shortly after her wedding and we lost touch. She did give me a call about 10 years ago after seeing my engagement announcement in the paper and then she moved. Let me know that next time you are going to be in town Marnie!!!! It will be fun to catch up!

Today, I became "friends" with TK.....the lone guy out of my small group of Facebook friends. We were friends throughout high school and college. He was such a bad influence on me. Not really......he actually saved my sorry self a couple of times....but I will not share any of those stories until after my kids are grown....and by then, I will be too old to remember that crazy time in my life. I do remember that gray car you had with the alarm that always beeped twice....."Hello, Tom!" it would say.

For those of you that have become my "friends" on Facebook and have checked me'll notice I didn't post a pic of myself. The years haven't been as kind to me as they have been to all of you. I am much more comfortable BEHIND the camera than in front of it.

It has been so much fun the last couple of days discovering where life has taken everyone and what they are doing. I am looking forward to making more connections with friends from the past.


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