Tuesday, June 9, 2009

A New Friday Night Tradition

Friday evening was absolutely perfect. After a relatively hot and humid day, all the heat and humidity seemed to magically disappear after 6 pm. Better weather couldn't have been custom ordered. So...we packed everything up and took it to the park for a picnic.

The kids were so excited they could hardly stand themselves! They wanted to ride their bikes to the park, but after working all day, I didn't have it in me....and I wonder why I can't lose any weight....you actually have to put forth some effort but that is a whole other blog topic.

By the time we got to the park, the kids were starving. Not quite sure why as they had been grazing all day long. We had turkey subway sandwiches....nope didn't make them.....picked them up at the HyVee, Cool Ranch Doritos because we are so cool (Hee! Hee!), grapes, root beer, and raspberry tea.

They ate like there was no tomorrow. Look at "The Law" shoveling it in.

We picked a table by the lake and "The Law" couldn't take her eyes off of it. There was so much going on......fishing, people biking, hiking, and boating.

Chi-Chi was a little groggy. No nap for the day, and he fell asleep right before we left for the park......he was not in the best of moods when we first arrived.

This kid, on the other hand, was completely in his element. You can tell because he is actually showing teeth when he smiles. He never smiles like this.....NEVER!

The lake was beautiful. It was relatively calm and the sun just shimmered on the surface of the water.

After we finished eating we headed to the park........there were so many kids! I am so glad that Ro and I were both there to help each other keep track of all of our kids....or as my friend Kim says my "hundred kids". All I have to say is, "Kim....one more! One more is all you need and then we'll be tied! Go for it! Everyone need four kids!" I am not biased or anything, but having four kids really is wonderful!

Dew loves to swing and loves to show off. Here is doing his famous, "Look, Mom! No hands!" move. This was right before he fell out of the swing because he wasn't hanging on. (Just kidding, he didn't fall out....he jumped out instead. Almost knocked me over!)

"The Law" loves to drive. I asked her where she was going and, of course, she was driving to Brupa's. I know you can't tell by the picture, but her beloved flip-flops are on the wrong feet. She, of course, refused to switch them around.

Q-T was "jus' a swangin' " and loved every minute of it. She was quite enthralled with the little boy that was swinging next to her. Probably wishing that she was swinging as high as he was.

Look at how her face lights up when she sees her mama!

Ro took the boys exploring.

They saw a kayaker.

This sailboat looked like so much fun.

Then there was this guy. I am not sure what he was in, but he saw me with my camera and kept turning the other way. I finally snapped him. His contraption was quite interesting. I do think he was a bit annoyed with my attempts to get his picture and am surprised he didn't shoot me the bird here.
The boys built these well constructed mounds in the sand.
Chi-Chi is proudly admiring his. Dew's is in the foreground.

Not to be out done...Dew also wanted a picture with his mound of sand. Wait! I am being corrected. It is not JUST a mound of sand.......it is a volcano. See how the top is caved in. Boy, its tough when they start reading......nothing is sacred!

Dew's a good speller, too. Gone are the days when we could spell out what we didn't want them to know.....M-O-V-I-E, Z-O-O, M-C-D-O-N-A-L-D-S. He always ruins the surprise.

"The Law" is taking it all in and asking, "What are they building those mounds in the sand, Mommy?"

She is concentrating really hard. Look at that furrowed brow.

On the way back to the car, the boys spotted these. Daisies are my favorite flower......they are so delicate, light, and airy.

Our evening was capped off with a trip to the ice cream shoppe around the corner from our house. "I scream! You scream! We all scream for ice cream!" There were resounding yays and whoo-hoos from those in our group. They live to go to the ice cream shoppe! Yes, we live a pretty sheltered life.

After we all had devoured our ice cream (which I didn't not NEED!)........ Dew, Chi-Chi, "The Law" and I walked home.
"The Law" is always checking to see if I'm coming. Chi-Chi could care less and is always in a hurry where ever he goes.

A perfect end to a perfect night!


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