Saturday, June 6, 2009

New Life

We have this tree outside our front door. It makes a perfect little Christmas tree and we load it up with lights each December and you can see the glow for miles. OK, maybe not miles, but at least down the block.

As we were leaving one day, we saw something in the tree that caught our eye.

It was this.

Yes, my lights were still on the tree. They were red so we left them up for Valentine's Day, and at the time of this photo.....they were still up.

Anyway, we found three little eggs tucked away in the nest....which was so meticulously woven. Robin's eggs are so beautiful. For days we checked on the progress of the eggs.

Then one day we notice the eggs had hatched.

It wasn't long and the little birds had feathers. The middle guy was always hungry. Every time we checked on him, he had his mouth open waiting for his mama to bring him his supper.

Then he would see me with my camera and immediately close his mouth. I would go in the house and watch them through the window and his little mouth would be open again.

The nest is now empty. They flew away about two weeks ago, but it sure was fun and such an amazing learning experience to watch the whole process. The kids absolutely loved it and would spend hours with their little faces pressed to the window observing their progress giving us play by play announcements, "MMOOOOMMM, one of the birds just moved a feather!" "The mama bird is watching me watch them!" (Again, what is it with boys and the "play by plays" on EVERYTHING????) We did stand on the front porch from time to time, but the mama bird was a little protective and I wanted to avoid an attack of the birds if at all possible.

I love Spring. I love to watch everything turn green, see the leaves unfold, and feel the breeze turn warmer. I never tire of the new life that comes each year.....the wonders of nature never cease to amaze me.

Hope your spring was just as magical and that you have a wonderful summer!

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