Wednesday, June 24, 2009

A Kid's Paradise

We went to the farm for Father's Day. Ro didn't mind as long as he could sit in the house and watch the US Open. The kids are always in favor of going as there is always something to do and they can get as dirty as they want and it is OK. This is great for Chi-Chi...his nickname is Pigpen...we just can't figure out what he does that gets him so dirty. But because he is a boy, he takes pride in the fact that he gets filthy from head to toe and tries to out do himself from one day to the next.

We went to the farm not only because it was Father's Day and to see Brupa, but my parents have been after us to come for about two weeks. In fact they were quite adamant! My dad (Brupa) secretly had this playhouse built for the grand kids....his granddaughters more specifically. Doesn't it look dreamy?

As we drove up the drive way and my kids caught their first glimpse of this little surprise.......they absolutely, positively could not contain their excitement. The doors of the car flew open...almost before we had come to a complete stop, and they all popped out and made a bee line for the play house.

They played and played and played. Lunch was served to them in the play house. Then they played and played some more. They even planned a night when they would camp out in the
playhouse. I think it will be Ro's job to supervise that sleepover....he doesn't know that yet.

You know, I really could have used one of these when I was a kid.

They all had a marvelous time and Oma and Brupa couldn't have picked a better setting for this little house. It is far enough from the main house, but close enough to monitor them from the kitchen window.

The playhouse sits under this beautiful canopy of two big cottonwood trees.

The front porch turned into a stage for Schmax and Mac to sing I Love Rock n Roll. Still like my version...I Love Mackie Jo. Mac on the other hand doesn't like it so much. I just had to video their performance.

Then Mac decided she wanted to play hide and seek in the sweet corn patch. Can you see her her little blond head among the stalks of corn?

Brupa and Uncle Benny took time out from the laziness of the day to sort cows. Not a lazy activity by the way. They probably could have used my help, but I was too busy taking pictures. Besides I hate, hate, hate it when I step in a cow pie. It's gross. It's smelly. And it is a great way to ruin a good pair of shoes!!!!
Bovine creatures creatures can be so "clique-ish". They are always hanging out in groups. Here's a bit a farm trivia.....Did you know that when cows clump together that a storm is approaching? Check it out....they are usually pretty accurate.

Then there was little guy. His mama has abandoned him so Brupa has to bottle feed him. Chi-Chi loves to help him with this little chore.

I love early summer in the country. There is nothing more beautiful.

Everything is so green, so new.

I just love the country. I love the peace, the wide open spaces, and the connection you have with the land. I love the people in my neighborhood, the people they are and what they stand for. You will never meet more honest and hardworking people.

To me, there really is no better place to be than living in the country and I am so glad that I can share this life with my children.

They will be better people for it.


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