Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Goodbye 2741 Scott Avenue.....Thanks for the memories!

For the past several years, it has been my brother's dream to move back to our hometown. Well, as of this past weekend, he's back. He and his family are now living the country life and will love every second of it. I, on the other hand, will miss them terribly. I even asked....more like begged them every time I saw them.....begged them to stay in the big city with me, but they wouldn't even entertain the idea.

This is where they have called home for the last 8 years. So much has happened at this house. So many family celebrations....holidays, birthdays, cookouts, and was the central meeting place for our family get togethers for years.

My nephew had just started crawling when they moved in. It was here where he took his first steps and said his first words. Seems just like it was yesterday....where does the time go? Now he is constantly in motion, and it is hard to get him stop long enough to give me a hug and a kiss.

When my niece was born, she came home to 2741 Scott Avenue. This has been the only home she has ever known in her four little years. She, like Schmax, has experienced so many firsts here.....too many to mention. If only those walls could talk!

Guess I am a little sentimental!

It was here that Dew got whacked in the head with a golf club. Man, did he ever have a gash...one that required stitches. Chi-Chi was "golfing" in the back yard, and Dew was pretending that he was blind and therefore walking around the yard with his eyes closed. I am sure you can figure out the rest.......yep......Dew in his "blindness" walked smack dab into the golf club just as Chi-Chi was hammering it down. An event that has been permanently imprinted in their minds.

It makes me sad that Q-T will not have any memories of this house and all the good times that took place here.

Sometimes I am a little too sentimental.

Goodbye house! Thanks for the memories!

Goodbye Uncle Benny and Aunt Aubree! We will miss you!

I am making it sound like we will never see them again....but we will....this house is the new hangout only they don't know it yet.

This is their new home.

The site of many new family experiences and memories.

Hello house! We look forward to getting to know you!


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