Friday, July 31, 2009

"This is going to be the best night EVER!"

I am currently in the middle of having my Big Ass Garage Sale. I really needed to purge some of the "junk" we have accumulated over the years and what better way than to have a garage sale.

In order to make my life a little easier during my Big Ass Garage Sale, my mom came up and took the girls home with her so I wouldn't have to worry about keeping an eye on them. I have such a wonderful mom! Thank you, Mom! Let me tell you that it is so different having just TWO kids. Way different! Much slower paced. However, every now and then, I did look over my shoulder for the girls, and Chi-Chi asked a couple times where "The Law" and
Q-T were.........and for a brief moment I would become panic stricken......then Chi-Chi would say, with his fat little tongue, "Oh yeah, Mom, they went home with Oma. Rememba?"

So for a few hours, we were just a family of four.

Here is the part that just melted my heart. Last night was the "last night" of Bible School for the boys. There was a big finale with a program and carnival. (It was wonderful but will post more about that later. ) After it was all over, the boys and I piled into the car. As the doors the slammed shut, Chi-Chi turned to Dew and said, with his fat little tongue, "You are the best brother I have ever had." I couldn't believe what I was hearing! Was the sky falling?
Dew turned to Chi-Chi and replied, "You're the best brother, too, Chi-Chi." They had this wonderful conversation all the way home, and I sat happily behind the wheel with the biggest grin plastered to my face thinking, "It doesn't get any better than this!"

To top it off, they wanted to have a slumber party with Mommy and Daddy in our room. So they made a pallet out of blankets, and Dew read a chapter to us out of his Magic Tree House book. Yes, they were thrilled about the fact that it was just them for one night. Yes, their prayers had been answered when we said they could sleep in our room. But the highlight of the evening was sleeping with their little lanterns they made in Bible School which consisted of a jar covered in tissue paper and then a glow stick was the candle. (As simple as those lanterns were, they were pretty cool and still glowing brightly this morning when I got up.) Dew and Chi-Chi carefully placed their lanterns on the floor just above their pillows. And as they were drifting off to sleep, Chi-Chi turned to Dew, and I heard him whisper (with his fat little tongue), "Dew, this has been the BEST night EVER!"

Dew answered, "Yes, Chi-Chi, it was!"

Once again, I ran to the window to see if the sky was falling, but it wasn't. For a few hours, they were brothers. Brothers that loved each other. And two little boys who were thrilled to get all of our attention.

And as I drifted off to sleep I took a moment to thank God for giving me that moment and for giving me those two wonderful little boys!


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