Monday, April 19, 2010

The "C" Word

Cancer is such a dirty little word.

For such a little word, it is so very powerful.

The mere mention of this word can instill instant fear.  It is life changing....for the better or for the worse.....yet can give one a sense of determination they thought never possessed.

There are all types of cancer.  Some are more aggressive than others.

People often live for years without knowing that this parasite lives within them.

There are different stages of cancer....stage one, stage two, stage three and the dreaded stage four.

Cancer knows no discrimination.  It can happen to anyone.......moms, dads, grandparents, aunts, uncles, friends.....and the saddest of all, children.   Reasons are unknown.  I am sure most of us could say that cancer has touched each of our lives whether directly or indirectly. 

We all have known people who have had cancer.  Lived through it.  Shared their stories with us.  Given us hope for the future.

Then there are those.....who have fought the battle with every, single ounce of their being and lost the fight.  Some fight for years.....others for months.  Leaving a gaping hole in the lives of those left behind....but leaving us better people for having known them. For having touched our lives.

Last month I found out I have papillary thyroid carcinoma (cancer of the thyroid). Not a death sentence by any means.  Very easy to "take care of".  I have been told that if you are going to get cancer.....this is the kind you want.  It is not aggressive....very slow growing.  People live for years without knowing they have it.  Thankfully, for me, it was discovered when was and not years down the road.

However......who wants cancer?  Really...who wants it?  Any takers out there? 

My first thoughts were disbelief.  A lot of worrying went on....and still does from time to time, but think I can safely say I have moved on to acceptance. There is no choice but to move on, deal with it head on, and make the best out of the situation. 

I would not have been as strong as I am without the the love, support, and reassurance of my husband, my parents, and my mother and father-in-law.  They have been there for me throughout this entire ordeal.  They are all phenomenal individuals and I love them all, more than words can say!

The same goes for my co-workers.  They are amazing and have been willing to help in any way they can, and have been so very understanding. Over the past ten years they have worked around several "maternity leaves" and many, many last minute (might even say last second) absences. Thanks guys.....

My situation could be much, much worse.   I am so thankful that it is not!   And I would much rather  it be me than one of my children....I would completely fall to pieces if that were the case.

The other day, while driving to pick up my kids, I saw a billboard.  It said, "I have cancer.  Cancer doesn't have me."

Words to live by.

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