Sunday, April 25, 2010

Dear Chi-Chi,

April 2010

Dear Chi-Chi,

    Today is your 6th birthday.  I cannot believe that you are already 6 years old.  You were so excited this morning when you woke up and you couldn’t stop smiling. I love how your face completely lights up when you are truly happy! You get this huge grin that stretches from ear to ear….this cute little laugh which you can’t stop….and your eyes are so big and bright, taking everything in! 
     I told you this morning on the way to school, that this was going to be your last birthday we would let you have.  (You know I was just kidding!)  I love watching you grow up, yet I want you to be my little boy forever…..and in my mind and heart you always will be.  You will understand one day when you have your own children.  When you do….enjoy every second with them and love them for they grow up so very fast. 
    The day I found out about you, I couldn’t have been more thrilled….my prayers had been answered!  I couldn’t wait to hold you in my arms.  In my eyes, you were the most perfect baby on Earth, and I couldn’t believe God had entrusted me with such a perfect little being!  You have continued to amaze me with each and every thing you do, no matter big or small.  I love how your mind works.  But most of all, I love looking into your deep, brown eyes and getting lost in all the wonder that makes up YOU!
   Chi-Chi, you are an absolutely amazing kid!  You have such a good heart…..just like your Brupa and Uncle Benny.   I know they are your heroes and you would give anything to spend all of your days with them.   Just like Brupa and Uncle Benny you are always kind…..thinking of others before yourself.  It never fails….you always make a friend wherever you go.  You may go somewhere alone, but you will leave having made a zillion friends. 
     I love how the littlest of things fascinate you.  I love how you act all macho, but at the end of the day  you still need a hug and a kiss… matter how much you try to deny it.  I love how you are always up for anything and you don’t let “grass grow under your feet”.  You are a mover and a shaker.
    Chi-Chi, I want you to grow up and be the best person you can be.  I want you to be a person who stands strong in your morals and values.  Be one who can be trusted and one who stands by their word….it is important to mean what you say and say what you mean. 
    Chi-Chi, remember to put family first.  Family will always be there.  Family will always need you and you will always need them.  Family will be one of the most important things in your life.  You will always make new friends….but you can’t make a new family. 
    You will always be my “baby”.  ALWAYS! I would love to give you a world where you wouldn’t have to worry about any heart ache, hardships,  sickness, or sadness…..for watching you go through anything like that will break my heart.  But know that you can always come to me, and I will forever be there for you, waiting with open arms.

Love you with all of my heart! 


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